Epoxy Floor Coatings

Engineered Epoxy Floor coating service for New Hampshire

Epoxy floor coatings are a type of flooring that can be suitable for almost any type of interior surface. Resin style flooring systems are extremely versatile and they can range in colors and designs to be extremely elegant or highly functional for commercial purposes. Restore My Floor of Dover New Hampshire offers affordable and expert New Hampshire epoxy floor coating services.

Two different components or resins can be mixed together to create a wealth of beautiful aesthetic looks for interior surfaces. Epoxy also works particularly well as a primer system, as a topcoat for various surfaces and floors and in flooring crack repair. If you've never considered this type of flooring option before, it's very important to see the amazing creations that can be delivered by a professional epoxy floor coating installer in New Hampshire.

At Restore My Floor LLC, we can deliver and install epoxy floor coatings that can last over many years in a virtually unlimited color palette. We can also complete clear Epoxy flooring that preserves the original look of your floor and any branding that you may want to paint on the bare concrete and preserve. These types of clear epoxies are an extremely popular choice amongst industrial clients here in New Hampshire.

Custom New Hampshire Commercial & Residential Epoxy Floor Coating:

Epoxy in a primer coat mixed by professional can be water-based or solid based. Depending on the mixture thicker applications can be available for increased strength and faster curing. These thicker applications are ideal for our New Hampshire commercial and industrial epoxy floor coating customers. We often choose these for our New Hampshire industrial epoxy floor coating clients as it can reduce downtime as the flooring systems are installed.

Custom Epoxy floor coating service includes:

  • Proper floor preparation including shot blasting and grinding to level and clean all surfaces before applying any epoxy.
  • Proper crack filling and joint filling to deliver a finished and professional epoxy floor coat without defaults.
  • A professional bond coat applied to seal and coat the entire area before color and finish is applied. This increases the lifespan of your floor and the ability of the topcoat bonding process.
  • Second coat bonding is delivered and followed by any type of color flakes, chips or other epoxy effects that we agree on for your flooring selection. We achieve a full coverage effect with the properly blended color and a look that is tailored to each customer's needs.
  • We remove any loose materials from the color coat and ensure that the flooring is ready for its final coat. Top coats with our company are often applied using a polyurethane or polyaspartic material for ideal adhesion and a lesser chance for scratching/wear.

High Some of the top advantages that you can receive by choosing epoxy floor coatings over other flooring options include:

  • Durability
  • Full customization for incorporating your branding, various colors and designs.
  • Highly slip resistant flooring
  • Vastly cost-effective for large areas
  • Fast curing to reduce downtime
  • Environmentally friendly with low or no VOCS
  • Highly wear resistant for a professional look even with vehicle traffic like forklifts or cars.

High Call Restore My Floor LLC, for your New Hampshire residential and business epoxy floor coating needs

At Restore My Floor LLC, we are consistently evolving and keeping up on the latest in NH epoxy flooring installation. With our ability to innovate we are able to use the latest in flooring systems such as the reflector in hamster flooring system. This style of the epoxy utilizes a metallic floor coating for an improved level of depth and customization. Imagine an epoxy floor that looks just like a beautiful metallic paint job and sparkles with the light! This is a beautiful and eye-catching look that could really put your New Hampshire business on the map or help you to get a truly unique design touch for your home. These types of flooring systems utilize the same strength and durability that Epoxy floors are known for coupled with the latest in custom paint technology.

Stay tuned for updates on the latest products we are installing here in New Hampshire and if you are interested in NH epoxy repairs or NH epoxy flooring installations, be sure to contact us today!