Hot Water Extraction

This is still the desired method by carpet manufacturers. It starts with the application of a preconditioner followed by agitation and then flushing of the carpet. The carpet is dry within 6-8 hours but may be expedited with air movers and good ventilation.

Carpet Protectant

A protective liquid treatment applied to most types of carpeting and certain types of upholstery which provides a protective barrier to resist soil and makes spot-cleaning of forced-in stains easy with conventional techniques. It can be applied with equal success to new or freshly cleaned carpet or upholstery that is damp or dry.

Application of carpet protectant comes with a 12-month “Spot and Spill” warranty. After an unsuccessful attempt to remove a “food and drink spill” on the areas applied with protectant using our complementary bottle of Spot Out, call us within 24 hours of the accident and we will send a technician to your home to address the issue at no charge to you.

Carpet Deodorizer

A non-toxic spray treatment applied to affected carpet or upholstery for which provides rapid, targeted, odor control. It instantly bonds to and eliminates odor molecules in the air, and those that have penetrated or are resting on fabrics or surfaces.

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