Looking for a hands-off maintenance program for your home?

Consider the “Stay Beautiful” Carpet Care Program.

Brighter, fresher, cleaner carpets ... ALWAYS!

Beautiful Carpet

Greatly Improved Appearance Level

Most people wait until they “just can’t stand” their carpets due to filth and general ugliness. Then they call us! With the “Stay Beautiful” program, your home sparkles ALL the time.

Increased Carpet Lifetime

Since fiber-cutting grit is removed on a regular basis, your carpets will last longer and look better.

Additional “Stay Beautiful” Features

FREE Carpet Spotter & FREE Lifetime refills

Special offers only for “Stay Beautiful” Clients

Twice-Annual Cleaning

Pre-scheduled Maintenance

You have a hectic schedule, and you still have to care for your home. The Stay Beautiful Program simply makes your life easier.

Six-month Open Area Service Cleaning

A routine carpet and other textiles cleaning in the areas specified in the Initial Service Cleaning which are not covered by furniture or other objects.

Twelve-month Full Area Service Cleaning

A full-service cleaning in the same manner as the Initial Service Cleaning, including moving of furniture.

Low Monthly Payments

Excellent Value

The Stay Beautiful Program saves money, and your carpets look great ALL the time.

Monthly Payments

Payments are (10) percent of the price of the Initial Service Cleaning. Clients must be current on regular payments at the time service is to be performed.

No Long-Term Obligation

The membership may be canceled or modified at any time.

Interested in "Stay Beautiful" Program?

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