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March 15, 2017

Allergies & how we help


Carpets Cleaning and your Health/Allergies

The use of carpet in homes has a significant influence on your health and safety. Carpeting a home can influence illness and injuries of the occupants. Leaving a carpet in an unclean state or not cleaning a carpet over an extended period of time leads to accumulations of dust, food crumbles, mold, lead dust, moisture, pollen, dust mites, contaminants, dirt, and much more.

Therefore, to ensure a safe and healthy home environs, it is of paramount importance to always schedule professional carpet cleaning in order to sustain healthy and safe home environment. Regular cleaning and professional cleaning of carpet not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your homes environ and elongates your carpet lifespan but ultimately enhances your general well-being in the home environ. Let’s quickly look at health benefits of regular carpet cleaning.

Health Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning

Discussed below are the health benefits of regular vacuuming of carpets or engaging a professional to clean your carpet.

Gets rid of dust mites: Dust mites feed on flakes of a human being, and they are invisible to the eyes, because of this, many homes are not conscious of their presence and their infestation. Dust mites accumulations are easy in a situation where there is no regular vacuuming/cleaning of the carpet because once they established, it can be hard to eliminate them.

Engaging the use of professionals in carpet cleaning to eradicate dust mites as they are open to temperature higher than what they can withstand via steam washing is the best. Dust mites can induce allergies although they are not allergens because once inhaled it can result in allergies.

Gets rid of pollutants: Maintaining a carpet surface contributes immensely to enhance indoor air quality by eliminating air pollutants such as dust and dirt, allergens, pet dander, bacteria, fungi, and particulate matters. All these get trapped within the carpet and are being released on a daily basis through day-to-day activities on the carpet like walking, jumping, and playing on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning gets rid of trapped pollutants either it is deeply or surface-rooted with vacuums.

Allows zero growth of mold: Mold growth flourishes on the carpet that is exposed to moisture and at the same time left without cleaning over time. Professional carpet cleaner equipment can dry humidity and once moisture is eradicated, mold growth is impossible hence a safe and healthy carpet is ensured.

Health and Environmental Benefits of Green Carpet Cleaning

Usage of harsh chemicals to clean carpet is not good enough considering the environs and personal health. This is the sole reason why many people are embracing greener solutions. Some manufacturers are now producing non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals that have less or no adverse effect on the environment. Discuss below are the health and environmental benefits of adopting green carpet cleaning

Safes family health: Using harmful chemicals such as containing pesticides, disinfectants, acid and the likes to clean carpet in a closed space can pose a danger for family members most especially asthmatic patient, crawling kids, pets, etc.

Inhaling carpet cleaning chemicals can result in headaches, nose/lung irritation, sneezing and coughing as well as vomiting and tiredness. These chemicals disperse gaseous toxin into the atmosphere that home occupants are inhaling.

Little or no toxins discharged into the environment: Greener substitutes compose of substances that are earth-friendly and non-poisonous to man and most often these chemicals come in a recyclable packaging.

Reduces water wastage: The traditional carpet cleaning wastes a lot of water when compared to eco-friendly cleaning methods that utilize minimal water usage in cleaning carpets. This implies that the dangerous chemical substances making up the cleaning composition will not get into the water bodies and affect aquatic and man. Also, it means that it will always take lesser time to dry carpet after cleaning since less water is being utilized.

Preserves carpet life span: You will always be at an advantage using eco-friendly cleaning chemicals when compared to harsh chemicals that have the great ability to destroy carpet texture and beauty. The chemical reaction take place when this chemical comes in contact with carpets, destroys the carpet over time and can also leave a yellow coloring on your carpet.

Get Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Materials

Always go for eco-friendly cleaning chemicals in recyclable packs to minimize the environmental impact of carpet cleaning processes. These cleaning materials are usually odor-free, and manufacturers will always reveal the certified organic materials. So in a situation where you are not sure of a product, make further findings of the chemical composition to ascertain its friendliness with the environment.


Carpets absorb moisture, pesticides, dust, food crumbles, lead-dust, pollen, dust mites, contaminants, and dirt. It also accommodates substances related to asthma and allows mold growths when exposed to moistures. All these contaminants are easily dispersed into the home environments from the carpet via walking across the carpet surface, moving, and poor vacuuming.  Hence, it is important to be very careful in cleaning carpet so as to minimize the risk to health and safety. It is also advisable to consult the help of the professionals for appropriate cleaning of your carpets.

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