Tips on Keeping your Carpet Cleaned.

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March 15, 2017

Tips on Keeping your Carpet Cleaned.

Carpets immensely contribute to the affectionate of a home through its contribution to its texture, color, and outline; hence, the great need to always maintain it to preserve its entire features. The necessity of ensuring a clean carpet in the home is obvious to everybody.

In the time past, cleaning carpet involves getting water on it and scrubs it with the use of brush; but in this era, technology has enhanced and established various and effective ways of keeping the carpet clean and uphold its newness. The truth is carpet need more than just vacuuming, although it keeps it dirt free and ensures it smell clean.  A carpet needs constant cleaning in order to preserve its aesthetic appeal, and it is an easy way to ensure a home sense sterilized and refreshed.

Applying the wrong method in cleaning your carpet can shrink, deface your carpet features and leaving-on deposits can be harmful to both man and animals health. You will find below various safe ways of ensuring a clean carpet for years.

Different Methods of Cleaning Carpet

First and foremost, there is a great need to bring to your attention that there are various kinds of carpets. They include:

  1. Wool carpets: This type shrinks with temperature rise or under any form of heat.
  2. Plant fiber carpets: Dry cleaning is appropriate on it.
  3. Synthetic carpets: Steam cleaning is perfect on it.

Consequently, there are cleaning methods that are best for each type of carpet. This is where involving a professional can be of immense help ensuring that the right method is applied in cleaning your carpet.

Discuss below are the different ways of cleaning carpets

Apply Steam Cleaning Method

This is also known as water extraction cleaning or wet cleaning. It is best to use on synthetic carpet and the most common. First and foremost, the carpet is pre-treated with a detergent that dissolves oil-based stains and other soil materials. The machine induces pressure on steam (fine spray of H2O) from heated water passing through the nozzle onto the carpet so as to suck stain/dust from the carpet which is immediately sucked back.

Steam cleaning is a deep surface cleaning method compared to other methods that will be discussed afterward. It is a superb cleaning method in getting rid of dust mites, odors and germs. However, it takes time for the carpet to dry after cleaning and also, the machine is expensive to procure. It is very important to excessively wet the carpet with a steam washing machine in order not to destroy the carpet underlay, cause odor and shrinkage.

Apply Dry Cleaning Method

Applying dry cleaning method to clean a carpet does not cancel out the use of universal solvent called water. Fine particles substance is first abroad on the carpet for about 10 to 12 minutes in order to soak up the soils for easy removal or cleaning before the application of moisture in small measure on the carpet, using a high suction vacuum cleaner with attached brush that works mechanically.

It is important to use a high suction vacuum cleaner to remove the applied fine particles so that there won’t be left over that can pile up after cleaning. Also, note that people that are sensitive to dust cannot use this method of cleaning and where deep cleaning of carpet surface is required. However, this approach requires minimal time for the carpet surface to dry up after cleaning and is a dedicated method to clean some special carpet material.

Apply Carpet Shampoo Method

This method of carpet cleaning belongs to the past as it is the oldest way of clean-washing a carpet. This method is super valuable in removing soil from carpet surface, cheap and allows the carpet surface to dry very fast after cleaning.

Wetting is use in this method with high lubricant characteristics to minimize harm to the carpet materials. This method is being utilized at low temperature and so it can be adequate for fiber carpet type but not adequate for carpet with high piles in order to avoid it from being warped. The shampoo allows the dirt to come up, stuck to carpet surface and then remove with the use of a vacuum with attached motorized brush.

Apply Encapsulation Method

This method is similar to applying dry cleaning method, but zero water is employed while cleaning your carpet. It employs the use of a substance that has dual agents of cleaning and crystallizing.  This method leaves zero residues after cleaning, no need for drying after cleaning and leaves the carpet clean for a long time. However, it can be expensive to employ in cleaning your carpet and the vacuum machine weighty and difficult to move thereabout. However, it is perfect for cleaning large carpet surface area.

Regular Carpet Cleaning Method

This method yields the best result when carried out regularly and is the most popularly employed cleaning method in the homes. Here, the carpet is cleaned often to avoid being excessively soiled. A regular vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush is only required to do this. The method is solely used for dry dirt, has no ability to get rid of stains and deep cleaning of carpet with closely arranged woven fibers can be difficult. However, it is cheaper and easier to use.

Using a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Although hiring a pro to clean up your carpet can be quite expensive, but it is an effective way of ensuring perfect clean state of your carpet because a pro employs and combines various appropriate techniques to clean your carpet factoring size, stain type and carpet materials.


It is important to stay glued to manufacturers’ specifications and recommendations while preparing to clean a carpet. Each method employed in cleaning a carpet has its good and shortcomings. Some methods can leave your carpet either warped or destroy its fibers or reduce the carpet lifespan. Hence, it is critical to always pay close attention to details while preparing to clean washes a carpet. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I want a holistic process? What budget do I have for the job? Do I want a super clean carpet after cleaning? Am I ready to wait long or not to dry the carpet? Is my carpet very dirty?

Carpet cleaning can eliminate different kind of stains from chocolate, gum, wine, blood, and paints.

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